Éoula 4 – Rapport jour 2

It hasn’t stopped raining the whole day, all over the Island; yet the auditorium in Trianon is quite full for the second evening of Eoula ! 4.

Brother Fabien opens the meeting in prayer and his fervour sets the tone for everyone, as the auditorium breaks into worship. This is followed by a video in which the elders share about the major changes that the revelation of the message of the cross brought about their own lives, and how it impacted our church.

Before sharing tonight’s message, Brother Miki Hardy warmly welcomes all the visiting pastors. He then begins to preach, picking up from where he left off last night, emphasising that no one ministry is independent of the others. All the ministries in the New Testament, arise out of the local church, and are part of the body of elders.

Brother Miki then invites us to look in detail at the apostolic ministry, through the life of Apostle Paul, who speaks of laying the foundation like a master builder in 1 Cor. 3:10. In Galatians, he then talks about receiving the revelation of what Jesus accomplished on the cross. “The cross is not just an event that happened in history, it has the power to impact our lives,” he declares to hearty agreement.. In Matthew16, the conditions for becoming a disciple are laid out: to deny oneself, take up one’s cross, and follow Jesus. This is the same message that Paul communicates through his life of suffering, persecution, affliction, and humiliation. It is a deep and serious message that engages a Christian to identify with Christ. The apostle carries a father’s heart for other servants of God, defends the gospel, and warns the Church against every false doctrine. The congregation listens intently, as the gospel brings light into everyone’s heart.

He moves on to explain that a prophet is not a prophecy machine. The divine authority in the life of a prophet reveals itself by an authority, a strictness, a desire to bring things to light, to shake up, to bring order, and to warn. The prophetic ministry is not separate from the love of God. When a prophet speaks, the Lord makes His heart felt which is what leads to repentance.

We are more familiar with the role of the other ministries, but Brother Miki emphasises that an evangelist does not only win souls with wonders and miracles. He also has his role in the perfecting of the saints; by imparting to their hearts the desire to save the lost.

All Christians need to see how each ministry is vital for their spiritual growth. We must flee religion and embrace God’s plan in obedience, which is the best for us. We must take up the challenge when the Lord speaks to us, as this is what will enable us to work together in unity.

The meeting ends with an altar call for those who feel they are going round in circles and who desire to be established on this foundation, as well as for those who want to give their lives to the Lord.

Once again, many can testify that the message was simple and straightforward, yet so clear. The Lord is restoring these ministries to prepare the Church for His imminent return.


The organisation behind the scenes matches the event. At least 200 people are involved in the smooth running of the conference. From car parking to the welcome team, helpers, counsellors, first aid team, and security. Everyone is going about their duties wholeheartedly, aiming to work together in the same spirit, to support the elders and be sensitive to what the Holy Spirit wants to do.