Éoula 4 – Rapport jour 3

Tonight is the third and final evening of the 4th Eoula!. The 3000-seat auditorium is quite full. As worship fills the hall, an altar call is made for all those who are sick or seeking for a miracle in their family. Very quickly the space in front of the stage fills up, and the elders move amongst the crowd, for the laying on of hands and prayer.

For the final time, all visitors are warmly welcomed; ‘first-timers’, along with the pastors from other churches. The lights dim, and a video clip of Don Moen and Lenny Leblanc inviting everyone about their upcoming concert on 17 May at the Trianon Convention Centre is shown.

This evening, Brother Miki Hardy sheds much light on the topic of the body of elders, and how it should operate. What is the difference between an elder called to serve in the leadership of the church, and one who carries a specific anointing of the fivefold ministries? He quotes from Acts: 14, as well as the epistle of John. Brother Miki is not afraid to declare loudly and clearly that, “Today people are running after stupendous titles to avoid accepting that God has established elders to lead His Church!” Loud applause sweeps through the congregation along with shouts of “Amen!”

He then proceeds to call up a growing number of people onto the stage to present a visual illustration of what he is preaching. He explains that a local church does not necessarily have one of the fivefold ministries present amongst the body of elders; or possibly, it may have just one or two of them. However, because all these churches work together in relationship and are united by the same message, they are all able to benefit from all the ministries available across all the different churches.

We need to come back to the simplicity of the structure of the Church, and the model of the true Church where the fivefold ministries exist and operate, as seen in Scripture, The Church does not need to call upon ‘guest speaker’ or independent ministries, accountable to no one, of whom nothing is known about their lives, or even whether they carry a heart for God’s people.

“Servants of God need to know how Jesus is building His Church,” proclaims Brother Miki. Murmurs of agreement can be heard throughout the auditorium, with applause breaking out when he goes on to say that leaders of churches must not hesitate to call for help since they are not capable to meet all the needs of the flock.

True servants of God give their lives without limit, working within a father-son type relationship with the apostle. This is what will cause believers to grow spiritually since they will be exposed to the various anointing within the churches.

An independent leader will often become demanding, manipulative, motivated by his own interests, and not those of Jesus or His Church. Christians need to discern where there is manipulation and their security and protection are to be found in a body with a plurality of elders.

Before closing, Brother Miki quotes 1 Cor. 15:10, and 2 Cor. 12:7; revealing that it is normal for us to have weaknesses. It is impossible to serve God in our own strength; it can only be achieved when we take hold of the power of His grace.

Before closing, the congregation raises its voice to sing ‘May your glory come, we proclaim your greatness.” The conference ends to a thunderous round of applause to the Lord from everyone present. Clearly hearts have been richly blessed by the greater revelation they have received.

A lady testifies after the meeting, “I have been so enlightened about the necessity for the fivefold ministries for the perfecting of the Church. It was just words to me before, an intellectual concept. Today, this revelation has seized my heart! I see how Jesus is building his Church. I realise that I need the different anointing if I am to become more and more like Jesus, and to serve Him effectively.” Haffizah.

The conference was broadcast live on the Internet in audio and video in English and French, as well as Creole from the stage. In order to meet the expectations of everyone wanting to be a part of this EOULA! Conference, the media team comprises around thirty people, all working hard behind the scenes, manning cameras, overseeing the sound, the livestream, editing and broadcasting the programme on CTMI’s YouTube channel, as well as on our website on CTMI TV and Radio. In total, there were over 200 connections every evening from countries as diverse as France, La Réunion, Seychelles, the UK, Canada, Lithuania, Russia, and a number of African countries.